Sunday, October 18, 2009

Evil Bunny O_o

Light Hack represents a new era in mobile phone technology and creative software capabilities by combining the “light graffiti” principles with the Nokia n900 digital camera software and a portable blue tooth light spray-can device.
Light Hack for Nokia n900 is a revolution in interactive art. It enables the user to capture and create light graffiti images easily, quickly and without the need for expensive digital cameras.

Light Hack utilises the N900s superior multimedia and processing capabilities to bring light graffiti within the reach of the average mobile user. It enables the user to draw, write or create abstract images in their photos as they are being taken. Light Hack takes photo editing to the next level, allowing users to add art and digital effects to their photographs in real-time.

Nokia Push Competition

this blog has been created to submit our proposal to the nokia push competition.